Why this Project

An eLearning Platform on Pathfindering

The role of IT in teaching and learning has expanded in the recent years. It is proving to be very powerful tool in porting the physical classroom to the internet. The web is treated as a delivery system for what already exists. However, despite of this advancement in the IT, we still have few online platforms that offer e-learning courses on Pathfindering.

This project is aimed at creating an e-learning portal that will offer members of the Adventist Youth Ministries to access training on their relevant requirements. It will allow students to learn anytime and anywhere; thus bring learning to the click of a mouse.

It is very true that e-learning is a great solution for some training needs. Many organizations have found that e-learning can effectively be used to move many classroom training sessions online (Rosen, A). For courses that need role-playing or hand-on-skills, eLearning can be used to augment the training, thus, saving time and allowing more people to be trained.

Lastly, eLearning is not a one-way solution for every problem; it will never replace classroom training. Therefore, this platform is intended to help students to complete their class requirements in a creative way, and in partnership with the traditional face-to-face classroom approach.