Learning at Pathfinder EC.


Pathfinder EC. Offers a unique learning opportunity for everyone. All our courses are easy to navigate and ensure that students master the course subject matter. Enrolling with us gives you the chance to prepare for your career by getting a certificate that can impact your life, family and future.

We are professionals who are committed to assist people who aspire to build a great career in the fields of tech and entrepreneurship. We have courses that range from computer application software, graphic design, digital marketing, information technology and entrepreneurship.


The benefits

We are a world class training institution, by enrolling with us you will enjoy on the following:

  • Courses that are 100% hands-on practical and skill based.
  • 1-on-1 mentorship programs
  • Flexible and interactive learning options
  • Affordable courses
  • Enrich your CV for the job market


Your impact

By joining our institution, you became part of the tech professionals who collaborate with other experts in learning, sharing of knowledge and giving value to the community. Enroll today and propel your career forward.