Learn Conveniently...Choose your Mode of Study!


Mode of study refers to the manner in which your courses are delivered. At Pathfinder EC. we utilize different modes of study to favor our students as we are sensitive to the their needs and ensure that they study at their own convenience. We have two main modes of study:

  1. Online mode of study
  2. Blended mode of study


Online Learning Mode

Online courses do not require you to attend an institution. The qualification(s) you receive are however still the same as someone studying in a classroom at a college. Online courses give you the freedom to study from anywhere and choose your own study schedule.

Our Online courses are given entirely over the internet and each student is given a user profile that they can use to log into an online learning system. The online learning system will provide you with study materials and instructions, and enable you to submit your assessments. The system also has virtual classrooms and discussion boards which allows you to communicate with tutors and other students.

The online learning system offers added features that afford students a better student experience. It allows students to watch lectures, access to full readings and the opportunity to participate in tutorials.


Blended learning

This is a mode of study which combines self-instructional learning materials, traditional face-to-face lectures and workshops, online discussion, self-assessment activities, assignments and formal examinations.

This means that your learning take place both online and in the classroom. There is a requirement to attend a number of face-to-face lessons.

Our blended mode of study is grouped into two categories that you can choose based on your time availability. It includes:

  • Part-time study
  • Full-time study.


In conclusion

Our courses are Vocational based!

Vocational courses and classes are usually job or skill specific and are commonly offered to provide students with job-focused training for specific roles or careers. Upon completion, students are awarded skills certificates.