Course Code

:  KCSE102

Course Trainer

:  Pathfinder EC.

Course Cost

:  Ksh. 1,000 (USD 10)


Biology, study of living things and their vital processes. The field deals with all the physio-chemical aspects of life. It is one of the examinable subject in the KNEC-KCSE Examination.

Therefore, this course is designed to cover the secondary Biology curriculum for Form 1 to 4. Populated with up to date revision materials that will help students achieve their academic goal.

When you purchase this course, you get an access to all the collections of our database resources on the Secondary School Biology listed below:

    1.  KCSE Past Papers starting from 2000 to 2018
    2.  KCSE Marking Schemes from 2000 to 2018
    3.  KCSE Topical Questions and Answers from 2000 – 2017
    4.  Topic by topic Revision notes for all classes (forms 1-4)
    5.  KCSE County Mock Past Papers from 2015 – 2018
    6.  KCSE County Mocks Marking Schemes from 2015 – 2018
    7.  End Term Exams Form 1 – 4
    8.  Online-Tutor tips on how to study effectively on your Biology Course

This course will give you tips and skills on all examinable areas of the KCSE Biology, it is a companion for any student from Form 1 to 4 and serves as a guide for the learners as they pursue their course of study.

Get the opportunity to study and revise anywhere at any time with our online resources!