Mwamtsefu Community Health Project

Offering affordable Medical Services to Mwamtsefu Community

Starting from the year 2018 we have extended our health program to offer affordable medical services for the people of Mwamtsefu. The members of this program are able to access services at a nearby Clinic (Perani Medical Clinic) at a reduced cost of 50% less of the normal charges- The remaining 50% is paid by Pathfinder ECenter through its partner organization Wenzi Foundation. More than 250 households benefit from this program.

Project Objective

Ensure that members of the community receive quality health care services at a low cost (which they can afford) and provide health care education to the members of the community.

Program Implementation

To achieve our objective, members of the program are issued with a Membership card, one per household. The member produces the card at the clinic when sick in order to receive treatment services.  So far we have issued 250 cards that can facilitate about 2,500 members to receive the treatment.

We keep updating and issuing new cards when new households are formed in the community.

Project Results

Since it inception, the program has been running successful with members accessing services anytime of the day.

More than 500 members (Patients) of the community have been served by the end of December 2018.

Project Partners

  • Pathfinder ECenter
  • Wenzi Foundation
  • Perani Medical Clinic