Mwamtsefu School Health Program

For over three years (starting from 2016) we have been implementing the School Health Program to Mwamtsefu Primary School.


We provide a health program that aims at improving the health standards of the students and their families

The package include:

  1. Health Talks/Education
  2. Assessment of the pupils
  3. Treatment of common ailments

We have a comprehensive, organized set of activities, procedures and policies that are designed to promote the health and well-being of pupils and staff.

We highly belief that good health is the basis for wealth, happiness and long life and that all children should be taught that preserving their health and the health of others is one of their most important duties.

Our Achievements

For the last three years we have recorded tremendous results on this program. We have been able to:

  • Provide free medical assessment and treatment for pupils
  • Educate the school community on proper health lifestyle.

Currently, starting from September 2018, we have introduced a plan that sees sick pupils from Mwamtsefu Primary school able to access treatment free of charge anytime they fall sick during the school hours from the clinic.

Mwamtsefu Primary School is one of the public primary school within Lungalunga Sub-County Kwale County.

 Project Partners

  • Pathfinder ECenter
  • Wenzi Foundation
  • Perani Medical Clinic