We offer an opportunity for you to take your classes either through face-to-face lessons at our institution or via the e-learning methodology that allows you to learn anywhere at anytime.

The two training methodologies are:

Physical Classes

Students attend classes at our institutions, where they are taught by our instructors, assessments and examinations are done at the same center.

This mode of study is the best for those persons who have the time to attend classes in person.

E-Learning Training

Training and delivery of learning materials are conducted online (via the internet). Learners register for the courses of their choice, study online, take assessments and exams and receive their certification upon completion and passing of the course requirements.

This mode of study is convenient for those persons who are busy and can't  get the time to attend regular classes due to their tight schedules.

The e-learning requires a lot of dedication and self- discipline in order to successful complete your courses.

In Conclusion

You can take advantage of any of the two modes of study to achieve your dream or use the combination of the two methodologies.