Computer Training Opportunity

a computer class on sessionThe ability to use computers effectively has become a necessary aspect of working in most Kenyan industries today. We at Pathfinder ECenter are Computer-Savvy Entrepreneurs who bring you the opportunity to study Basic Computer Skills at your own pace. We work as private tutors who train people in using computer application software.

With our expertise, we provide computer training classes both face-to-face (at our business premises), e-Learning (over the internet) or institutional (visiting your institution) mode of learning.

Despite your needs, we are always there to serve you. You can see the category that suits you the best as listed below:

1. One-on-one Clients

This is for individuals who want to get more knowledge and skills on the use of their home or workplace computers.

2. Small Business Owners

Business people who are looking to master software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Windows Operating System and many more

3. School Leavers

Form four leavers can join us to gain the necessary computer knowledge before joining colleges and universities for the study program of their choice.

4. Organizations

Organizations like schools who may want to bring in a professional to train their staff on hardware or software updates.

5. Students

Students from colleges/universities who would like to sharpen their skills on computer use can enroll with us. The knowledge gained will be of great importance when doing their college assignments and research work.