Word Processing (MS-Word)


In this course, participants will be given an overview of the different features of Microsoft Word . Participants will learn to use Microsoft Word to produce professional-looking documents. Features included are typing, formatting, editing, document spacing, margins, page numbering and saving a document.

Microsoft Word is the leading word processing and document creation tool for both business and personal use. By taking this course, you get a chance to improve and enhance your skills and make you a pro in creating compelling documents with confidence.

This course is for individuals who wish to create and modify complex documents and use tools that allow them to customize those documents.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learning Outcomes:
  • Launch Word and navigate the editing screen.
  • Create and edit a Word document.
  • Use the proofing tools.
  • Apply character formatting and themes.
  • Set and modify tab stops.
  • Format paragraphs.
  • Preview and print a document.
  • Print envelopes and labels.
  • Work with columns, pictures, diagrams, and charts.
  • Create basic tables.
  • Use templates and wizards.
  • Compare and merge documents.
  • Integrate Word with other Office applications.
  • Customize tables.
  • Work with multipage documents.
  • Create custom styles and control pagination.
  • Use the mail merge wizard.
  • Use other mail merge features.
  • Sort text and tables.
  • Create and modify document references.
  • Work with drawing objects and graphics.
  • Work with large documents.
  • Use online forms.
  • Integrate Word documents with the Internet.

Topics for this course

31 Lessons

0.0. Course Outline

Course Syllabus

1.0. Getting Started With Word

2.0. Formatting Text and Paragraphs

3.0. Working More Efficiently

4.0. Managing Lists

5.0. Adding Tables

6.0. Inserting Graphic Objects

7.0. Controlling Page Appearance

8.0. Preparing To Publish a Document

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • Unlimited Tests and Quizzes
  • Mobile learn (Learn on-the-go)
  • Regularly updated content
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Basic Computer and Typing Skills are recommended.

Target Audience

  • This course is intended for students who want to learn basic Word skills, such as creating, editing, and formatting documents; inserting simple tables and creating lists; and employing a variety of techniques for improving the appearance and accuracy of document content.

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