Typing Skills

Welcome to this course which is designed to help you gain keyboard skills. You will learn how to type accurately and with speed. Whether you are taking this course as a first time learner on how to type or you just need a reminder, this course has been designed to teach you all the necessary points of typing.

The course has been organized in a learner friendly manner, designed to be a beginner friendly and takes you through all the necessary steps in order to maximize your skills.

What you will learn

  • Learn the proper typing hand positions to help you type as quickly as possible
  • Master the computer keyboard (letters, numbers and symbols)
  • Demonstrate proper keyboarding techniques
  • Correctly use both keyboard functions and a mouse
  • Demonstrate critical proofreading skills.
  • Save and retrieve computer information
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts to help you save time while typing

Why is learning how to type important?

  • Saves you time – whether at the work place or doing your own task on your computer.
  • With a higher typing speed, you increase your chance to get hired/employed in the job market
  • It also helps you serve your clients faster and accurately.

Course Outline


Typing Ergonomics

The Computer Keyboard

The Home Keys

Other Keys in the keyboard

Touch Typing is very important to everyone because it promotes:

  • Efficient use of computers
  • Academic Achievement
  • Encourage writing
  • Workplace Productivity
  • Reading, Writing and Spelling

Our goal is to make learning on how t type easy and fun by providing quality lessons and training plus resources that will improve on your speed of typing with accuracy.

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Duration: 2 Weeks
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Level: Intermediate