Pathfinder Honors Masterclass


In this course, the learners cover all the compulsory Pathfinder honors needed before completing his/her study as a Master Guide.

Each honor is designed to be a course of study that introduces a subject that have practical value and should enhance the lifestyle of the person pursuing the honor. Honor study assists the person in his/her development as a well-rounded Christian by directly affecting the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of life.

The study of an honor directs the person to a deeper love of the Creator and should increase one’s interest in committing their life in service to God and to the community.

Topics for this course

16 Lessons

Introduction to Pf Honors

The Pathfinder Honors

1.0. Adventist Pioneer Heritage

2.0. Camping Skills 1

3.0. Camping Skills 2

4.0. Camping Skills 3

5.0. Camping Skills 4

6.0. Christian Story Telling

7.0. Drilling & Marching

8.0. First Aid Basic

9.0. God’s Messenger

10.0. Knot Tying

11.0. Physical Fitness

12.0. Sanctuary

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