Master Guide Course

The New Master Guide Curriculum is designed for leaders of junior youths (Pathfinders and Adventures). It provides a sufficient knowledge that will allow them to be sharp, up-to-date and focused while serving in the Youth ministry. The Master Guide is the highest level of Training in the Adventist Youth Ministries.

What You will Learn

As a student of this Course (Master Guide Course) you will benefit from the following:

  • Cover most of the course requirements online
  • Instructor-led lessons to help you complete your course on time.
  • Step by step guidance on how prepare the summaries after reading the required course books.
  • Become a Pro in preparing your Master Guide Portfolio.
  • Links to other online resources that will enable you to complete your course work with ease.
  • Ability to interact with your online instructor and get needed help.
  • Get the needed Skills to become an expert, an adviser, and a promoter for the Pathfinders and Adventurers

Who is Entitled for this course

  • Must have completed our Prerequisite  course Introduction to Master Guide
  • Must be a baptized member in regular standing of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age to start the Master Guide Curriculum and at least 18 years of age at completion.
  • Must be an active staff member of the Adventurer or Pathfinder club.

Course Outline

Course Prerequisites

Spiritual Development

The Book Steps to Christ

By the end of this requirement, the learner is expected to: Read (or listen) to the book Steps to Christ and submit a one page response focusing on the benefits of the reading.

Encounter Series 1 -Christ the Way

This is a Venture on Spiritual Up-reach that will guide you in reading the Bible's four Gospels and the book of Desire of Ages in one calendar year.

You are required to complete the devotional guide Encounter Series 1, Christ the Way

The Book-Desire of Ages

This course requirement requires that you read or listen to the book Desire of Ages. You must provide either a written or verbal report to your instructor to serve as a prove of completion.

Personal Devotional Journal

By the end of this Course the learner should do the following:

Keep a devotional journal for at least four weeks, summarizing what you learned in your devotional time and outlining how you are growing in your faith.

Devotional Source Links

The following are links from a collection of most important websites from the Adventists that will bless and enrich your devotions. With the aid of these media, your devotions will not be the same any more.

Steps to Discipleship
Downloadable Resources – Spiritual Development

Follow the links provided to download copies of the necessary materials that will help you to complete the requirements in Spiritual Development.

Skills Development

Child Development

Leadership Development

Fitness Lifestyle Development

Those completing the Master Guide Curriculum do so under the supervision of the Conference/Mission Youth Ministries Director or his/her designated Master Guide.
The Master Guide Curriculum Must be completed in a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years.

Welcome to this course.

This is a blended version of the physical face-to-face course that is taught through the online mode. Its main aim its to help Master Guides complete their course requirements anytime and anywhere they are through the help of the online instructor.

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Enrolled: 14 students
Duration: 1-3 Year
Lectures: 7
Level: Advanced