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In today’s world, knowledge of computers is very important. Computers are present in every aspect of daily living; that is at work place, at home, in the classroom and for entertainment.

This course will teach you on computer essential concepts and skills related to computers and devices, desktops and icon, file creation and management, network concepts and data security.

What Will I Learn?

  • Key concepts related to ICT, computers, devices and software
  • Learn how to start up and shut down a computer
  • Effectively working with computer desktop using icons and windows
  • Adjusting the main operating system settings and use-in built help features.
  • To create a simple document and print an output.
  • Concepts of file management and efficiently organize files and folders.
  • Key storage concepts and use utility software to compress and extract large files.
  • Network concepts and connection options and be able to connect to a network.
  • The importance of protecting data and devices from malware and of backing up data
  • Recognize considerations relating to green IT, accessibility and user health.

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

1.0. Computers and devices

1.1. Understanding ICT
1.2. Types of Computers & Devices
1.3. Processor RAM, ROM & Cache
1.4. Input Devices
1.5. Output Devices
1.6. Common Input/Output Ports
1.7. Software (System Software)
1.8. Software (Application Software)
1.9. Software Licenses
1.1.0. End-user Licence Agreement
1.1.1. Starting up & logging off
1.1.2. Restarting & Shutting Down
Assignments 1
Quiz 1

2.0. Desktop, Icons, Settings

3.0. Outputs

4.0. File management

5.0. Networks

6.0. Security and Well-Being

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • Rich Interactive-learning content
  • Quality student support
  • Hands-on exercises with solutions
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion

Target Audience

  • This course is designed for people with no prior knowledge about computers
  • It can also be used as a fresher course for those with some understanding of the topic.
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