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Introduction to Master Guide

This course serves as a prerequisite to those who would want to enroll for the Master Guide training, you must successfully complete it to gain access for the Master Guide course. 

Teacher: Justus Mulwa

Master Guide Course

The master guide course is the highest level of invested leadership within the Adventures/ Pathfinder programs of SDA church. The Master Guide training helps one on lead young people to a greater knowledge and relationship with our Lord Jesus as our Savior.

Teacher: Justus Mulwa

Pathfinder Basic Staff Training

This course is intended to provide basic information about the purpose, structure and ministry of Pathfinders to individuals who are just starting out in the Pathfinder ministry and have little or no prior experience with the program. It is highly recommended that this certification is earned before they begin their participation in the Pathfinder ministry.

Teacher: Justus Mulwa

Adventist Church Heritage

On this course, we shall embark on a journey to examine the development of God’s church as it stretches from Eden to new Eden and the events that have led to the establishment of the Remnant church in these last days of earth history.

Teacher: Justus Mulwa

Master Guide portfolio

The aim of this course is to enable the students develop the necessary skills needed in preparing and organizing their portfolios during their study period.