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Introduction to computers

This course introduces basic knowledge on computers that will help students become comfortable while using their personal computers in everyday activities and projects.

Teacher: Justus Mulwa

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows provides a crucial interface between a computer hardware and the applications that run on it. Become a pro in using Microsoft Windows 10 with this course!

Teacher: Justus Mulwa

Typing Skills

Learn and develop best skills needed for typing faster and accurate. On this course we focus on training students on how to use the correct fingers' positioning with correct siting posture.

Teacher: Justus Mulwa

Microsoft Word 2013

The course is designed to help you move through the task of creating, editing, formatting, and design elements; for professional-looking documents.

Teacher: Justus Mulwa

Microsoft Excel 2013

Master Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced level with this practical course, which includes most of the common excel functions. Improve your skills and work like a pro!

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

This learner friendly course has been designed to provide you with solid understanding of PowerPoint tools and concepts allowing you to create attractive presentations like a pro!

Internet and Email

Taken step-by-step, this course will give students a full understanding of concepts related to internet and email. Get skills needed to browse the web, send and receive emails.

Intro. to Social Media Marketing

Learn the art of using social media platforms to promote products and services. Create your online space building meaningful relationship across all social media platforms.