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Pathfinder ECenter is a complete future-pack learning platform to offer you with a full pledged online learning experience.

We create a learning opportunity for everyone, choosing from the two main types of learning that we offer:

  1. Online Education

Learning takes place over the internet. We provide a platform through which students are able to access learning materials, assignments, grades and attendance.

  1. Blended-Learning

This is a style of education in which our students learn via electronic and online media as well as the traditional face-to-face teaching.

We offer training both to individual persons and also for corporate training, where we assist organization in engaging with their employees and offering interactive learning experience on ICT skills.

Benefits for the students

Our students benefit from the following:

  • Centralized learning
  • Collaborative study
  • Self-evaluation
  • Active participation
  • Timely feedback
  • Virtual classroom.

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