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At Pathfinder ECenter, we believe that quality education can change the world positively.
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We run vocational skills training programs on ICT that center around the needs of our students; employing a high level of professionalism and commitment throughout the training to prepare them for the technology driven market.

We are computer Savvy, and train people who aspire to build a great career in technology and digital entrepreneurship.

Our trainings are hands-on skills based on technology courses to prepare our students to scale the heights in the job markets or entrepreneurship sector with the right tools. We train with passion and interest.

We have different flexible modes of study that gives our students more opportunity to study from anywhere at their convenience. You can either take your classes at our premises – Face to face training, which include full-time and part-time courses, or you can enroll to study Online through our platform.

Our online platform is built with the concept of accessibility in mind. I.e. it is mobile friendly – you can access this portal from your desktop computer, laptop, and tablet or from a smart phone, giving you flexibility of study even if you are traveling.

Our courses and classes are usually job or skill specific and are commonly offered to provide you with job-focused training for specific roles or careers, students are awarded with skills certificate.


Other Services

In order to achieve our objectives as a social enterprise we also offer other services to the community as stated below:

Cyber Services

The following services are currently offered within our business

  • Digital Printing services, both black and color
  • Photocopy
  • Document finishing i.e. Binding and lamination
  • Photography – we offer instant passports and picture printing
  • Sale of stationery


We harness every business opportunity to bring tangible results. We are also open to partnerships that will results into two sided income generation.

We help young entrepreneurs’ access opportunities to connect, learn, and collaborate in IT thus building network of practice for their success.

Internet Access

We offer Internet access services like: e-citizen services, browsing etc.
What you will enjoy:
  • Surf on computers with faster internet
  • Clean environment
  • Friendly attendants
  • Work on spacious area